Everyone’s career path and goals are unique.
Let’s figure out yours and map a course for success. 

We’ve worked with hundreds of freelancers to change their mindset, nail their website, and come up with an action plan for great projects from the clients they’d love to and uniquely positioned to work with. 

Work one-on-one with Aaron and Andrew through a personalized one-month sprint to jump start your freelance business. Program consists of 4 weekly meetings and a goal accountability check-in each of the preceding months.

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Other ways to climb Mt. Freelance

Explore Aaron & Andrew's comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know to be a successful freelancers in the creative and advertising industry

Mt. Freelance Podcast

Season 1: (12) Episodes featuring advice and interviews with some of the world’s most interesting freelancers.

A Podcast for creative people who work or dream about working for themselves or running their own business. The show is hosted by us! Aaron James and Andrew Dickson - creators of the Mt. Freelance.

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More Than Enough

Mt. Freelance's 70-page Strategic Money and Pricing Playbook for Freelancers.

The one thing freelancers rarely talk about is money. We do. Dive into a very transparent look at why to charge more, how to charge more, what to charge and how to plan ahead as a freelancer.

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How-to-Freelance Course

"The Mt. Freelance video course covers everything."

Radically transform your freelance business with the definitive 35-lesson course from Aaron & Andrew. Covering everything from Preparing for Freelance, All about Money, Becoming extremely good at what you do and running your business the right way.

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All The Work You Want

The Freelancer's Playbook for Landing Dream Clients and an Abundance of Work

Over 68 pages of hard-earned experience so you can start getting the work you want, consistently. This playbook will take about an hour to read and will instantly inspire action and confidence in getting the work and projects you need.

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