An Open Letter About Lay-Offs


Lay-offs are horrible. 

And that’s when the economy is doing okay and entire industries aren’t shutting down.  
Andrew here.
Aaron and I are sharing this on March 25th, 2020, in the midst of a very stressful and scary time.
And because people are home businesses are not making as much money and people are unfortunately losing their jobs. 
I was laid off almost six years ago, and hearing about all the lay-offs happening...
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Do you have a creative freelance job?

If you have a creative freelance job or work in the creative industry, chances are Mt. Freelance is for you. But this leads us to this question:

What kind of freelancers does the Mt. Freelance course make sense for? 

More specifically, if you are a Designer, Art Director, Copywriter, Account Executive, Creative Director, Illustrator, Account Director, Strategist, UX Designer, Developer, Product Designer, Media Buyer, Digital Marketer, Editor, Colorist, Producer, Executive Producer,...

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What to do when your Freelance work dries up

For the creative freelancer not being able to find any work is one of the hardest parts of the job. 

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. There are going to be times when you have more work that you can handle. But there are also going to be times when work slows down, and you find yourself with a wide open calendar.

The is the blessing and curse of being freelance.

One of the primary selling points of going freelance is being able to set your own schedule, say no when...

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What can a Freelancer write off their taxes?

If you are Freelance you can probably deduct these things from your taxes and make more money!

Freelancing opens up lots of wonderful doors and opportunities, including being able to write off lots of things that full-timers can't. 
Your tax rate depends on what you make and where you live, but most freelancers pay in the neighborhood of 35% of their income in taxes. 
So that means anything you can deduct is essentially 35% off. Which can add up, especially when you...

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5 Ways to Negotiate More Money and Whatever Else You Want as a Creative Freelancer

When you freelance part of your job is being a negotiator.

Every gig requires a back and forth between you and whoever’s potentially going to hire you about what you’re being asked to do, when, for how long, at what pace, and for what how much money.

That's a lot to negotiate. And that last part -- the money part, is particularly thorny, especially as negotiating doesn’t come naturally to most creative people.

So here are 5 tactics for getting what you want when you sit down...

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5 Ways to for Creative Freelancers to get on a Recruiter's Good Side

Recruiters are usually the gatekeeper between you and the creative director, client, agency or studio you really want to freelance for. 

And they get hit up by people like you who also want to work for their company all day long.  So getting on their radar isn’t easy. And getting on it in a good way without irritating them is even harder.

So before you reach out, make sure you’re ready. This is so important we're not even counting it as one of the five tips. It's...

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How to charge when you Freelance

Day Rate, Hourly or Project Fee - the three methods of charging that creative freelancers need to know. 

At some point during every conversation about a potential freelance job you're going to talk money. Occasionally a client will tell you what they want to pay, but more often they'll ask you how much you charge.

Even before you come up with an amount, you have to decide on a method of charging. And there are three distinctly different ways we've used and continue to use. By the hour,...

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How to Build a TEAM around you when you creative Freelance

Building a team of professionals around your freelance business is essential.  

You may be saying, “What team? I’m freelance. I work for and by myself. 

To which we say, let’s get you some help.

Being freelance is awesome. At least we think so. We’ve been offered many a full-time job since gong freelance but neither of us have taken one because we love the freedom freelance affords us.

But one of the hardest parts of being freelance is you have take on...

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The Art of Saying "No" for the Creative Freelancer

Why creative Freelancers need to say NO. 

Andrew here to share my favorite word when it comes to freelancing.


I love to say no.

We’re taught that no is a bad word.

But as freelancers effectively saying no is essential.

There will be times when you have to say no to a client about a prospective job.

Maybe you’re too busy, or you’re going to be on vacation, or you’re sick, or you know from experience or the virtual water cooler that it’s a bad...

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