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We are in the Breakthrough Business...

Our freelancers careers had a similar trajectory. A few years of nerve-racking struggle followed by blissful, I-can’t-believe-this-is-my-job success. The turning point was a breakthrough we both made. We went from being reactive and having a scarcity mentality to being proactive treating our careers like a business.  
You know that ideal freelance scenario that you keep going back to in your head? You CAN get there. You CAN freelance the way you want. All it takes is unlocking a few simple secrets, changing your mindset, and developing a few new habits.


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Mt. Freelance is everything we've learned while freelancing at the best agencies and companies around.

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Andrew Dickson

Andrew Dickson is a copywriter and creative consultant who’s written Old Spice ads, came up with the 7 Wonders of Oregon and was a director of the WK12 experimental ad school. He’s also hosts storytelling shows for the Moth and is an semi-professional auctioneer. He’s been freelancing since leaving a 7 year stint at Wieden+Kennedy Portland in 2014.

Aaron James

Aaron James is an art director that has had the pleasure of freelancing for W+K, CPB+, Kamp Grizzly, TBWA Chiat Day, Publicis, AKQA, Ogilvy, BBDO and others. He’s recently created digital projects and films for Adidas, Patagonia, TOMS and Nike. He is co-owner of a soccer magazine called Howler and an instructional baseball coaching site called The Hitting Vault.

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We have the experience...

ACME, Afterall, AKQA, Adidas, American Express, American Express OPEN, Anomaly, Apple, Atmosphere Proximity, BBDO Chicago, BBDO Shanghai, BBDO Toronto, CP+B LA, Caldera, Camp + King,, Champion, Chrysler, City of Seaside, Coca-Cola, Converse, Coors, Danner Boots, Dodge, Dropbox, Eastern Oregon, ElliQ, Energizer, Evolve, Facebook, Farm League

Feast Food Festival, Ford, Gap, Gillette, Goldfront, Google, Grant’s Pass, Grey, Harley Davidson, Heineken, Helix, Howler Magazine, HubSF, IKEA, Imago Dei Community, Instrument, Intel, Kamp Grizzly, Linkedin, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Dolphins, New Seasons, Nike, Old Spice, Olympia Provisions, Opinionated, Oregon Coast Visitor’s Association, Oregon Public Broadcast, Patagonia,

People Footwear, Proctor and Gamble, Publicis, Raen Optics, Riney, Roku, Salt & Straw, Samsung, Sea Shepherd, Simple, Skylab Architecture, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Starbucks, TOMS, T-Mobile, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Target, The Moth, Travel Oregon, Travel Portland, UNICEF, Union Wine in a Can, United Nations Council on Climate Change, West, Wieden+Kennedy, Ziba...

...and we'd LOVE for you to join us!

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