Mt. Freelance Pricing

Two resources that will transform your freelance career: Lifetime Access to the Mt. Freelance Online Course and the Mt. Freelance Mindset™ Private Facebook Group Community.




33 Lessons that will Transform your Career as a Freelancer

Getting Started
3 Lessons

Level 1: Getting the Work you Want When you Want
6 Lessons

Level 2: How to Make Big-Time Money 
7 Lessons

Level 3: Being the MVF
(Most Valuable Freelancer) 

11 Lessons

Level 4: Expert Level Freelance Tricks 
5 Lessons

BONUS Lessons: Expert Techniques
3 Lessons

LIFETIME Access to the Mt. Freelance Members Only Private Facebook Group


Navigate Potential Problems that will come up


What will I learn with Mt. Freelance?

Here's a list of all the critical FREELANCE subjects we cover in the Online Course

  • Your Strategy - Start Here
  • Meet Andrew Dickson
  • Meet Aaron James
  • Getting Ready to Freelance
  • How do You Want to Work?
  • How to use Social Media properly
  • Dialing in Your Website
  • Reintroduce Yourself to your Network
  • Set Your Course
  • Doing it for the Money
  • Why to Charge
  • How to Charge: Hourly
  • How to Charge: Project Fee
  • How to Charge: Day Rate
  • How much to Charge
  • How to Negotiate what you want
  • Getting to Work
  • Why to Over Communicate
  • Paperwork
  • On The Job
  • Potential Problems: Your Client Doesn't Like Your Work
  • Potential Problems: The 80 Hour Job Take 120 Hours
  • Potential Problems: The Job Ends Early
  • Potential Problems: Your Working for a Jerk
  • Juggling Multiple Clients
  • Ending A Job the Right Way
  • How to Say "No"
  • Remember to Do this Stuff Too
  • Maintain Your Business
  • Build Your Team
  • When the Work Dries Up
  • Giving Gifts and Giving Back
  • Final Thoughts
  • Double Dipping
  • Business Travel as a Freelancer
  • Anchoring - Expert Negotiation

Don't Freelance alone.

As freelancers in the creative industry, we ofter work alone, and seldom get a chance to invest in our own personal development. Mt. Freelance is designed to change that one day one.


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