Do You Have a Creative Freelance Job?

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If you have a creative freelance job or work in the creative industry, chances are Mt. Freelance is for you. But we would want to make sure, which leads us to this question:

What kind of freelancers does the Mt. Freelance community make sense for? 

More specifically, if you are a Designer, Art Director, Copywriter, Account Executive, Creative Director, Illustrator, Account Director, Strategist, UX Designer, Developer, Product Designer, Media Buyer, Digital Marketer, Editor, Colorist, Producer, Executive Producer, Post Producer, SEO Expert, Public Relations, Photographer, Retoucher, Interior Designer, Experiential Designer, Sound Engineer, Post Producer, Casting Director, Production Assistant, Director of Photography, Writer/Journalist, Architect, Ghost Writer, Blogger, Content Creator, Costume Designer, Landscape Architect, Lighting Director, Book Editor, Podcast Producer, Photographer Rep, Storyboard Artist, Front-End Developer, Grip, Adjunct Professor, Data Analyst, Music Composer, Shoe Designer, Photo Assistant, Art Buyer, Motion Designer, Event Planner, Studio Manager, Production designer, Drone Pilot or anyone else who an agency, studio or business would hire as a freelancer you're probably in the right place.

A place for people with a creative freelance job.

Mt. Freelance is a 33 video course (plus monthly live meetings) that teaches people who do these and other jobs in the creative industry how to freelance better. 

We're not going to teach you how to design, or ghost write, or be an event planner.

You already know how to do that. 

We're going to help you with the freelance BUSINESS part of your job. Mt. Freelance covers everything from promoting yourself and your work to growing your network to the the pro's and con's of the different methods of charging to how much to charge to how to juggle clients to how to say no to work without losing out on future work to how to get health insurance. 

We're also going to introduce you to a little something we call the Mt. Freelance Mindset™. It's a way of approaching freelancing so you feel confident instead of fearful or tentative. It's about seeing how much work is out there instead of how little you might have at the moment. It's about treating your freelance career as a the business that it is versus a job or a stage in your career. 

So, for instance, before we even introduce lessons on how to charge or how much to charge we cover why freelancers have to charge lots and lots of money. It's a pep talk video we recommend watching before you negotiate your next creative freelance job. 

The Ultimate Tool for people with a Creative Freelance Job.

Who are we? We are Andrew and Aaron, and we've been freelancing for a combined two decades and counting working for the some of the biggest brands and agencies around. Mt. Freelance is everything we wished we knew before we went freelance. 

Mt. Freelance is especially useful for people who do creative work that isn't tied to a specific rate or salary, as well as for freelancers who are going to work for multiple clients in a given year. 

It's a great course to take if you're just starting out your freelance career, or have been freelancing awhile but feel like you could use some help taking it to the next level. 

It's also a great course to take if you're thinking about going freelance, or maybe won't ever go full-time freelance, but are or are planning on doing some freelance on the side. 

So if you're interested, give it a go!

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