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Okay! But what is Mt. Freelance?


And where the heck have these guys worked?

Guidance Based on Actual Experience

Hello! We're Andrew Dickson and Aaron James and we've freelanced for the biggest and best brands and agencies in the world. Mt. Freelance is here to offer you all the tips, tricks and secrets we’ve learned along the way. 

Meet Andrew & Aaron
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The Mt. Freelance podcast has launched!

The Mt. Freelance Podcast is for freelancers in and around the creative industry who work or dream about working for themselves or running their own business. Visit out podcast page here or listen to our first episode below.

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A 35 Video Master Course on Freelance Business + Supportive Private Community

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If you're already up and running you know with a few tweaks to your approach can mean a lot more in billings and get the types of projects you want to work on. We'd love to send you this guide for FREE that outlines a few important things we put into practice.

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Get a running start when you kick off your freelance business. Here are the 5 thing we wished we knew before we started freelancing. You can instantly put this insights to work on your business. Let us email you this FREE guide.

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"I got two jobs from other members of the group that amounted to around $70-80k in business which helped me double my revenue from last year!"

A.J. - Mt. Freelance Member since 2020
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