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Hello, we are Andrew Dickson & Aaron James and we have freelanced for over a combined two decades for the best clients and agencies in the world. We created Mt. Freelance to share everything we've learned about freelancing.

25+ years of freelancing,
shared with you in one place.

Andrew Dickson & Aaron James here. We have freelanced for over a combined two decades for the best clients and agencies in the world.

After countless coffee meetups explaining "how-to-do-it" with creatives and industry pros wanting to go out on their own, we created Mt. Freelance to share everything we've learned about freelancing.

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Tons of Work.


All The Work You Want
The Freelancer's Playbook for Landing Dream Clients and an Abundance of Work

Over 68 pages of hard-earned experience so you can start getting the work you want, consistently. This playbook will take about an hour to read and will instantly inspire action and confidence in getting the work and projects you need.

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Get the Money Part Right.


More Than Enough
Mt. Freelance's 70-page Strategic Money and Pricing Playbook for Freelancers.

The one thing freelancers rarely talk about it MONEY. Well, we fix that as we dive in with a very transparent look at Why to charge more, How to charge more, What to charge and how to plan ahead as a freelancer.

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Go For The Whole Enchilada.


How-to-Freelance Course
"The Mt. Freelance video course covers everything." ‚Äď ADWEEK.¬†

Radically transform your freelance business with the definitive 35-lesson course from Aaron & Andrew. Covering everything from Preparing for Freelance, All about Money, Becoming extremely good at what you do and running your business the right way.

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Who's the
Mt. Freelance Course for?

Creative Directors
Art Directors
Account Directors
Agency Owners
Film Directors
Project Managers
Business Dev
Motions Designers
Content Creators


If your freelance business is close to any of the titles listed above,
we are sure that Mt. Freelance will be
a great benefit to your journey as a freelancer.

Any Creative Freelancer

See how Mt. Freelance has empowered other freelancers
just like you!

The online course and playbooks will transform your freelance business. 

"You won't be disappointed"

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

The road to a successful freelance career is littered with naysayers, crusty veterans, social resizes, scary clients, ghostly recruiters and looming Adobe subscription fees. Mt Freelance is the illuminating beacon that will guide you toward success, fortune and a cool name for your LLC. Let Aaron and Andrew teach you their ways, you won’t be disappointed.


Matt Sorrell - Freelance Creative / CD
(Meow Wolf, Old Spice, W+K)

"Doubled my revenue from last year!"

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

I got two jobs from other members of the group that amounted to around $70-80k in business which helped me double my revenue from last year!


A.J. - Mt. Freelance Member since 2020

"Demystifying and Realistic"

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Mt. Freelance's personal/candid approach to running a freelance business was demystifying and reassuring‚ÄĒit made me feel like someone was on my team during moments when I felt totally alone and unsure of what the hell I was doing! Thanks for keeping things pithy, light-hearted, realistic, and direct.


Austin T., Strategist - Brooklyn, NY

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Start getting the work you really want. Develop the confidence to charge what your work is worth.
Share your journey with a caring community of other freelancers like you.

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Money Playbook
How-to-Freelance Course
Okay, now things are getting really serious.

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