Why Mt. Freelance works to transform your freelance career.

We are freelance creatives with decades of experience helping some of the best agencies and companies in the world rethink who they are and launch brand campaigns. If you work in or around the creative industry, this is made for you.


"...from a practical side, whatever you pay for Mt. Freelance will be back in your pocket within a month."

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Why These Former W+K Creatives Launched an Educational Program for Freelancers 

Andrew Dickson and Aaron James, two former Wieden + Kennedy creatives, have managed to carve out successful freelance careers. Dickson, a performance artist by trade, spent eight years at the Portland agency in various capacities, most notably as a copywriter and director of WK12, its unique ad school. For his part, James had two stints as a freelance art director at W+K working on Heineken, American Express, Nike and Dodge.

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"Mt. Freelance's personal/candid approach to running a freelance business was demystifying and reassuring—it made me feel like someone was on my team during moments when I felt totally alone and unsure of what the hell I was doing! Thanks for keeping things pithy, light-hearted, realistic, and direct."


Austin T., Strategist - Brooklyn, NY

A Success Path for Freelancers

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I'm very happy with the program. Straight up answers to all things you kinda think you knew and the things you definitely did not have a clue about. Now I don’t have to dwell things like that, and I can focus on more important stuff and actually work with more confidence. So thank you and hats off guys!

And yes, I really appreciate that one can go back and watch the videos again later on (like when it’s time to sign a new contract).

Dennis Johansson
Graphic designer / illustrator


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I've found Mt. Freelance incredibly valuable so far. Both the course and the Facebook group have been equally helpful.

I love structure, predictability, and consistency (boring, I know) so going freelance has been pretty uncomfortable for me. So far the benefits have outweighed the discomfort though, and Mt. Freelance has made me feel much more willing to keep stepping into the unknown. Knowing that there's a small army of freelancers out there with the many of the same questions as me and that there is someone (two guys, actually – thank you!) willing to answer our questions. The course provides a foundation and a community to a lifestyle that can sometimes feel unstructured, unpredictable, and lonely. I'm grateful for it.

Whitney Clark


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Aaron & Andrew host a PRIVATE Facebook live each month for members to discuss the challenges and questions that come up for freelancers in our community. Anything that's NOT covered in the course can be asked here.

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"Mt. Freelance is excellent. I had freelanced before and felt like I had a good grasp on the basics, but I learned a ton and found it reassuring to hear when the systems I had built were what you recommended. I find myself rewatching videos, so the value keeps coming back."


Will Benham, Creative Director - Atlanta, GA

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