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The Master Class for Creative Freelancers

Limited Time, Level 1 for FREE

Mt. Freelance is a course and community designed to help you get more work, charge what youre worth and connect with other elite creative freelancers. During this uncertain time we want to make LEVEL 1 available to you for no charge.

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How Mt. Freelance works to transform your freelance career.

We are freelance creatives with decades of experience helping some of the best agencies and companies in the world rethink who they are and launch brand campaigns. If you work in or around the creative industry, this is made for you.

Get Level 1 for Free

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Level 1: What you can do now to PREPARE yourself to be the Freelancer that clients want to hire:

Freelance Training


Limited-time offer, Access to Level 1

  • Level 1: Mt. Freelance course (9 Classes)
  • Getting Started with Mt. Freelance
  • Meet Andrew Dickson and Aaron James
  • Getting Ready
  • How do you want to work?
  • Getting your Website right
  • Marketing yourself on Social Media
  • Reintroducing your "updated" offer
  • Your all-important "Why"

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Mt. Freelance is 100% powered by the success of our members. Our reputation is based on your satisfaction, so it's 100% Guaranteed.
We offer you a No risk, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Get Guidance Based on Actual Experience

Hello! We're Andrew Dickson and Aaron James and we've freelanced for the biggest and best brands and agencies in the world. Mt. Freelance is here to offer you all the tips, tricks and secrets we've learned along the way.

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Get the Right Projects

Success as a freelancer starts with getting the right work. We'll help you take steps everyday to get the projects you want and work in ways that your clients will hire you again and again.

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Get Paid Way More

When you freelance almost everything is negotiable. Including, how much you charge for your work. We'll help you know what to charge, how to charge and negotiating strategies that work.

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Your Go-To Community

Save your competitive energy for your work. The PRIVATE Mt. Freelance Community offers ongoing support, advice and networking opportunities for freelancers.

But don't just take our word for it, take theirs too!

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"Rewatching videos..."

"Mt. Freelance is excellent. I had freelanced before and felt like I had a good grasp on the basics, but I learned a ton and found it reassuring to hear when the systems I had built were what you recommended. I find myself rewatching videos, so the value keeps coming back."

Will Benham, Creative Director - Atlanta, GA

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"Demystifying and Realistic"

"Mt. Freelance's personal/candid approach to running a freelance business was demystifying and reassuring—it made me feel like someone was on my team during moments when I felt totally alone and unsure of what the hell I was doing! Thanks for keeping things pithy, light-hearted, realistic, and direct."

Austin T., Strategist - Brooklyn, NY

"The Mt. Freelance video course covers everything."

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